By Tula Pink

Every 5 years or so my brain turns to salty liquid. I just can’t shake a longing for the ocean from my cozy studio in the land locked Midwest. Growing up on the California coast infused me with the spirit of the sea and to this day saltwater runs through my veins. The pull of the sea affects so many of us, throughout time even Gods have risen up to explain this phenomenon, Neptune and Poseidon reigned supreme over the ocean more than three thousand years ago.

It is the mystery more than anything that drives this fascination. The deepest oceans are like alien planets with sea life evolving unseen by human eyes. So why can’t a sea horse become a unicorn? I certainly cannot think of a reason. If it could happen then it could happen here. In vivid Technicolor with bioluminescent glow, you will find Spotted Eagle Sting Rays amongst the seaweed, Mini Blue Whales fraternizing with giant Sea Unicorns and a bloom of Jellyfish gently drifting with the current.

There is a lot going down here so take a deep breath and join me on the ocean floor where the water is cool and quiet and the water bound wonders never cease.

Fat quarter bundles of the full range are available or fat quarter bundles of each colourway (8 prints per colourway)



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