It’s an opportunity to work with Carolyn Forster…enough said.  But, really, it is such a pleasure when Carolyn comes to teach with her beautiful quilts for examples.  In this class you will enjoy learning a bit of quilt history along with beginning to create your own beautiful patchwork from strips and strings.  It could get messy!

You will need to raid your scraps for strips of varying widths and strings (which are defined as those strips which are not a consistent width – like the bits you trim off the edge when you are squaring up your fabric.) It’s all useful in this scrap-happy method.  If you are unfamiliar with her work you can have a look at Carolyn’s Instagram feed.

We are meeting on a Sunday in order to make full use of the space we have so that we aren’t restricted to just 4 spaces as usual. There are 6 or 7 machines available for use here, but you are welcome to bring your own if you wish.  We anticipate having 6 to 8 people on the class.

Sunday March 1st 2020  £60  10-4

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