This is ‘by hand’ patchwork in more ways than one.  This is a patchwork method inspired by the Manx patchwork from the Isle of Man.  You’ll learn the history and technique for these fun Manx log cabins and how they would have been created on the island.  However, I have taken a few liberties with tradition and made these  ‘Mini Manx’ log cabins.

I love them because it’s something you can do anywhere that doesn’t require the usual precision of patchwork but with the same beautiful results.  The Manx log cabin is a quilt-as-you-go method which means you don’t have to quilt the finished piece though you could add more surface quilting if you wish.  The finished pieces were called ‘coverlets’ as they were lightweight having no wadding between patchwork and backing.

In class we’ll discuss lots of ways these finished blocks could be used.  You’ll have the opportunity to make blocks using the traditional or ‘inspired’ method on the day.

Please bring along a fat or skinny quarter of ‘backing’ fabric (calico, linen, or print quilting cotton) and fabric for your logs – long strips, small squares, rectangles or pieces…whatever you have.  If you want to be traditional with your block try to have a mixture of lights and darks though this isn’t compulsory.  You are learning a new method here…not starting a quilt.  I will also have my scraps available if you are struggling.   If you have some very fine, long hand needles in your kit bring them along or prepare to purchase some on  the day.

Wednesday May 13th  10:00 –  1:00   Feel free to bring food or snacks to have whilst you work. Tea and coffee provided

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