Come along patchworkers and Bee happy as we play with Deb Strain’s beautiful Bee Joyful panel to create a wall hanging (or table runner if you wish).   I have some design choices in mind, but part of the fun will BEE sharing ideas with each other as we create and piece together our unique wall hangings.   We’ll brainstorm some choices and see what variations we come up with then it’ll be up to you to select and execute your design!  Don’t worry, we’ll be working, as bees do, towards a common goal and the Queen Bee will be there for guidance.  (smiling, laughing emoji needed here)

The intention will be to complete the patchwork top, but depending on how long this takes you may also have time to back, quilt and bind it as well!  There will be enough ‘medallions’ left from your panel to make a second wall hanging, too.

The cost of the price includes your panel (regular £12)   You will be choosing sashings, backings and bindings as per your design choices so these will be extra.

 10:00 – 3:00 (but you may finish earlier)   £35  Please reserve your space early so we can set back the panel colour of your choice.

NOTE: One space left on August 17th and there will be no more as we will no longer have a choice of panels.


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Sat June 29, Fri July 12, Sat Aug 17


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